Novel assets. Streamlined processing. Low fees.

FinPro AG’s software solution allows for the management and issuance of digital securities.

FinPro Asset Investment

Novel Assets

We will source assets through partners such as businesses and asset owners to offer our investor base novel digital securities. This results in a scalable sourcing approach.

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Streamlined Processing

Our technology reduces regulatory costs & adds transparency & improved settlement speed. Furthermore, it unlocks the capability for assets to be directly included in users’ portfolios, while reducing the minimum investment for investing in digital securities.

FinPro Asset Investment Process
FinPro Asset Investment Low Fees Investing

Lower Fees

Our novel blockchain approach reduces the need for significant regulatory hurdles and financial institution involvement. Our asset sourcing approach does not necessitate large asset acquisition teams. These advantages are passed onto our investor and asset owner/SaaS customers.


Asset owners can use FinPro's white-labeled solution to launch their own digital securities platforms.

FinPro Asset Investment Whitelabeling