The Tokenization

Based on the disruptive technology of decentralized networks Web3 adds a value exchange layer to the Internet. By introducing decentralized tokens and cutting out central intermediaries this enables an uncomplicated, inexpensive, permissionless and trustless transfer of value over the Internet natively engraved into the underlying protocols.

Tokens in decentralized networks can represent all types of digital or physical assets - for example, art and media products in the form of NFTs or financial products such as shares or corporate bonds as security tokens.

FINPRO is the excellence center for tokenization and NFTs within Advanced Blockchain AG Group.

Tokenization of real-world assets, implementation of cutting-edge NFT projects as well as
provision of software development services with focus on tokenization are part of FINPRO's range of services and position FINPRO as a leading player in this emerging hypergrowth market.

A Token Economy
Is on the Rise.

What We Do.

Non-Fungible Tokens.

NFTs have revolutionized the art world by making it possible to create unique digital objects. Blockchain gaming on a grand scale is waiting in the wings - with NFTs at the core. FINPRO realizes pioneering projects across a wide spectrum of NFT use-cases in collaborations with artists, media companies and other stakeholders.

Token Economy.

The tokenization of real-world assets and the transformation of existing financial products into DLT-based token formats are disrupting traditional financial markets. FINPRO is at the forefront of shaping this development.

Software Development.

Software development in the highly regulated market for tokenized investment products requires not only technological blockchain expertise, but also precise knowledge of the applicable legal framework and how it needs to be implemented in the software development process. FINPRO has this expertise and provides it as a service to third parties - within and beyond Advanced Blockchain Group.

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Are you looking for an experienced team of developers, designers, and strategists to help you realize your cutting-edge NFT project? Are you interested in tokenizing physical assets, collections, or intellectual property - such as art, vintage cars, or music rights? Do you need consulting or development services with regards to tokenization? Or would you just like to know more about FINPRO? In any case we will be happy to hear from you – drop us a line!

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