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FinPro is a blockchain-based digital securities platform democratizing Germany’s investment industry.

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FinPro Accessible Asset Investment
FinPro Asset Investment Investing

Accessible asset investment

A new era of investing

FinPro seeks to introduce the German populace to traditionally difficult to access, high-quality assets. Our company intends to realize this goal in a manner that is cost-efficient, and user-friendly.

About FinPro

Investment opportunities


Real- Estate is a robust and stable market that is difficult to gain direct access to. With FinPro, you can customize your portfolio with various assets, providing a steady flow of dividends.

FinPro Real Estate Investment Investing
FinPro Company Loans  Investment

Investment opportunities

Company Loans

You and other investors provide capital for a business that requires financing, resulting in a loan that provides strong interest yield, and has a short-duration.

Step 1 | How it works


User registers and makes an account.

Step 2 | How it works


User selects a project and submits a proposal for an investment in an asset.

Step 3 | How it works


User receives their digital securities in their custodial account.

FinPro Asset Investment